Riegel Ridge Community Center

Becoming a RRCC member is easy! It only requires a visit our fitness center front desk, submittal of a membership application and providing a cash, check or credit card payment. Your membership begins as soon as your application process is completed; we encourage working out the day of sign up!

Click here for the Fitness Center Membership Form


Any two adults plus their dependents age 10 to 23. All must live at the same address. 
Note: All 10 - 12  year olds & under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian


Any two adults age 18 – 64 years or any single parent & child age 10 – 23. Must live at same address. 
Note: All 10 - 12  year olds & under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian


Age 24 - 64 years.

Senior Couple

Any two adults: one must be 65+ years old. Must live at same address.

Single Senior

Any person 65+ years old.

Young Adult

Any individual age 13 - 23 years


This type of membership is for those who reside more than two hours away and are visiting for an extended period of time. Available at the discretion of the director with presentation of a valid I.D.


September 4, 2020 – At this time we are not allowing guests and/or daily guests

Guest passes include use of the Fitness Center, gymnasium & fitness classes.

Annual Memberships receive 4 guest passes per year.
Quarterly Memberships receive 1 guest passes per quarter.
Perpetual Memberships receive 4 guest passes per calendar year.

*Members may only bring the same guest 2 times per calendar year.
Teen and Young Adult Memberships DO NOT receive guest passes.

Daily fee

Anyone can pay the daily fee and workout.
Price: $10 Residents & $12 Non-Residents

If you would like to cancel your monthly membership please fill out this form and return it to Jessica Neglia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail to 910 Milford Warren Glen Rd. Milford, NJ 08848. 
All cancellations must be done in writing thirty days before the next draft date. 
Cancellation Form